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Related post: Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2003 10:55:44 -0700 (PDT) From: Kevin Hoover Subject: young brezilian girl Reminiscences - Part 2Daddy (our first time) I was scared, but it was more than fear what I was feeling. My legs were trembling, my body was highly aroused, something I didn't fully understand, I still could young teens dutch taste my uncle's cum in my mouth, and since I didn't have time to assimilate what I had just done with uncle Thad, sucking his cock, eating his spunk, and teens very young enjoying it all (which was something that disturbed me even more), I was confused and in a state of euphoria, and deeply inside I knew that the night had only begun. Uncle Thad and my dad were not identical twins, although many people couldn't tell one from the other, the family could, of course. And my father had an aura of authority that my uncle lacked. Maybe the responsibility of running a ranch and to whom everybody ran to young girl ru when decisions had to be taken was what made him so 5s young impressive. His burly body was like a wall of flesh moving around, a little overweight, but not really fat. His arms and chest were covered with a beautiful mat of blonde hair; his frame gay young boy was so strong that you felt protected just by being near him! (this is the point of view of a child). young nips His clothes, although being XL, seemed to be about to burst, due to his large complexion. Underneath his shirts there was a bulky man. And there was something more, something animal, sweet young nudes that drew people to young girls portal him. He had such magnetism that you could never say 'no' to him, even if you didn't agree with him. Although he wrapped his arms around me when we slept, I never had the nerve to explore his body. 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I sat on the edge of the bed and after admitting with my head down that it was true he boy sex young wanted to know why I did that, if I wished I had been born a girl, for how long hot youngest I had been acting that way, and if it was only because I wanted to know what being a girl felt like. I didn't have words to young top girls explain all that since I didn't have an explanation even to myself. He didn't seem to be angry, I could sense that, and I surely could sense something else in Porn christine young the air. He was nervous and trying to restrain his movements, and he knew how to be intense in his movements, and I misunderstood that as disappointment for his younger son being different from the others. He also asked me if uncle Thad had hurt me when he, uhnn, made me see what being a girl feels like. He was standing in front of me, dressed in his pajamas, and I saw him give it a tug, adjusting something inside his pants. With young pree teen my head still down I said 'no' and he asked if I had understood what a girl was supposed to do to please a man, and if young tpg girls I still wanted to be a girl after being shown by uncle Thad the hard part of paul young mp3 being a youngest teens pics woman. young nonude galleries I began to cry and apologized for what I had done and that seemed to upset him even more because he told me to stop crying and said that we'd better forget the whole thing and try to get some sleep. Relief washed over me and I obeyed him when he turned off the light and we both covered ourselves with a light blanket. young xxx mpg We remained silent for a while and I waited to see if he would pull me closer to him the way young kids naked he usually did, but then he asked me if I missed her too much. I simply said 'yes' spanking young girls with trembling voice and he said that he missed her a lot, too. With a sad voice he added that ever since her death he felt very lonely and that things had been a bit difficult for him because he was a man and there were certain things that a man needed done in order to keep focused, and in his case it had been so long that his hand just didn't satisfy him anymore. I remained silent, not knowing what to say and a little surprised to hear him say those things. I knew that he was trying to send me a signal, but I was too shaken to do something. Maybe he was youngleafs pregnant expecting me to make things easier for him, but I had no idea of what that could young creampie be. After a sixteen young pussy while he asked me if I would like to help him. I said yes and asked him what he wanted me to do for him. He surprised me when he asked if I wanted to take my mom's place. He said: "Ugh, since you like to wear your mother's clothes and once you're already sleeping with me, could you help me doing the things your mother Gay young blowjobs did to me?" He was visibly uncomfortable with the words. "Would you let me do to you what I used to do to her... Bruehl young like a man and a woman together?" I was dumbstruck, my heart racing, my mouth dry and no coherent thought came to me. Of course youngest toplist million of things passed thru my mind, wondering what he meant by taking my mom's place, what that implied, and not really young incest thumbs understanding how he had the guts to make that proposal. I stammered 'OK' because I wanted to make him happy and also because I was under pressure. Immediately he moved up behind me, hugged me and young toplist 100 pressed his body against my back. I was completely swallowed by his burly body, his arms surrounded me and I could feel something pressing up against my butthole, his cock, a big the youngest girs lump getting harder and harder, pressed against my cheeks, and by his urgency free picutures young I got the extension of his hunger. 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But then I felt his eagerness become more intense, maybe due to his long year without sex, and he spat in his japanese young schoolgirl hand and spread his thick wad of saliva between my thighs, leaving them slippery on the inside to, soon, guide youngest girls fuck his cock to that moist place between my smooth thighs. I felt his wet penis start to adult erotica young slide in my fake vagina. I Allen andrew young was amazed at how big and thick he was. young gay tgp It poked its way through and emerged on the other side until I could feel his bush of hair grinding my butt. The feeling of touching a cock is something, but young girlzs the feeling of having one touching you in that way, slipping between your legs, rubbing your ass, is another thing that no words can describe. The feeling of his penis sliding young polish xxx against the bottom of my balls was...well, it was the greatest feeling I had ever had up to that time. Never I had felt so aroused in my life. I felt shockwaves running thru my body, teen tgp young sending a shiver from my nutsacs to the nape of young russian child my neck, and he moaned, too, while his hands brought me tighter against his strong, warm, hairy body and he thrust his engorged cock fiercely back and forth. The fat head would come all the way from my behind and appear just beneath my small, hard cock. The friction was causing me to moan, too, and I wanted to touch young latino boys his cock. I placed my hand, cupping my balls and when he thrust all the way in, the head would lodge in my tiny hand, also creating a soft barrier to youngest xxx tgp his intruder. The porn fuck young head was warm and moist and soon my hand was all slimy, due to his youngest girls lesbian abundant pre-cum leaking from the head. He whispered into my ear "that feels so good, son" and started to slide slower in long strokes, letting me squeeze his cock head in my hand for a few more seconds each time as he, letting out a loud moan, pushed as far forward as he could, grinding his pubic hair against my soft butt. Not once, but at least three times, the slippery head of his swollen cock got stuck right at the eye of my back entrance as he pounded my thighs mightily, and I, being caught our of guard, was hit by an acute sharp pain as it would break the barrier of wrinkles and slip in, long enough to young incest sites make me freeze in his arms and bite my lower lip in agony. I had felt that pain before with uncle Thad, and it really hurt. But before I could complain my father would youngtop fuck pull it out and slip it between my thighs again. It was just that, due to his thrusts, his cock finding the right path was a natural consequence, since the position we were in contributed to that. The second time the head slipped into my asshole it found less resistance than the first time; and young loilta sex when it stuck there hot young females for the third time and he thrust eagerly, I yelped and moved away from him a little because the flared head went further down my chute and I got the impression that he was really doing that on purpose now, but as previously, he pulled it out and kept sliding his cock between my thighs, and again I relaxed as I was involved by that delicious sensation of his young porns binaries cock rubbing my asshole, and the pain faded away. This first time schoolgirl younger with me my father didn't last long; I suppose he was overcharged and full of lust to care about young virgins screwing fooling around too long, preliminaries and things like that. All he needed right then was to free young lollita get rid of his load and my crack was well lubricated, creating the right environment the youngest teens for just that purpose. The pace heightened. In a lustful and hoarse voice he whispered in my right ear "I'm gonna cum now!" before he thrust one last time and the big, plump head began to spurt thick wads of cum in my hand. One, two great spurts landed in my hand, filling it up with his cum, covering my balls and cock, as well as my crack and buns. On the third spurt he withdrew his throbbing cock a little and the tip touched my ring as previously and he thrust again heartily, moaning and groaning, maybe not really intending to penetrate me (I'm not so sure now). But the cum slippery head, still spitting cum, being pushed with such a powerful thrust, broke the barrier of wrinkles and buried itself in into my tight hole. This time he young chines porno didn't pull it out as before, all I can think of is that the sensation of cumming in my warm, hot asshole spoke louder and he simply left it there. 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Finally he slowly disengaged himself from me and his limp, but still swollen member, reluctantly slipped out of my burning asshole, giving me the sensation that young natural atk part of me was being removed, so embedded it was in my ass. Cum gushed out and I tried to stop it, but I could not completely control the muscles of my young cg porn asshole; it was sore, soaked with cum and stretched to its limit. When our heartbeats sort of got back to 'normal' he spoke and I could sense concern in his voice. My father wanted to know if I was all right, telling me that he didn't mean to hurt me, but that he didn't have the power to stop breaking me in once his cock slipped in. "It was too much for me, son. When I young and tender entered your tight and warm ass I simply couldn't take it out. For younger girls porn a moment I thought I was fucking your mother, that she was here with me and that I was fucking her. And she always took me whole youngest kds without problem. It was young penetrations too much for me! Are you OK?" When I assured him that I was all right he remained silent for a while and when I thought he had nothing else to say he asked if I still wanted to do that again with him. It hurt a lot, but I also remembered what I had just felt, which still lingered, my body shaking and that sensation of melting inside out, and I decided that I wanted more. "Yes, younger babys porno daddy, whenever you want to do that again, I will." "Next time will be better, son, you'll see. I promise I will be more careful. Lets get some sleep now. We both deserve it!" He sounded relaxed and satiated, and so was I. Our next time happened the next night. And this time, when he fucked me and shoved his hungry fat cock inside me, it was not by accident. He purposely fucked me, as he said himself, like he used to fuck my mom. But that will come later, because I just can't go on remembering all this without a break.KevinKeep E-mailing young russian xxx me, please. 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